When you taste Boulder Broth, you're tasting healing.

Boulder Broth

Hi, I'm Kirstine!

In 2007, I was a new mama recovering from a traumatic childbirth. I needed to heal my body, so I turned to bone broths for their dense nutrients. I could never quite find one that I liked at any stores, and I knew I could do it better. I began making my own. The result was life-changing. I had found a way to heal!

I sipped it every morning and used it in place of water to steam greens, cook grains, and make my son’s baby food. I loved packing in that extra nutrition whenever I cooked and how great I felt as a result. I decided to share what I had discovered and created—that was the start of Boulder Broth.

I believe in leaving people better than you find them and that you can take food off the land in such a way that simultaneously heals it.

That’s why we transparently and consciously source every ingredient from local land stewards who farm with integrity. We always have, and we always will. Thank you for supporting Boulder Broth and insisting on knowing where your food comes from.

Boulder Broth is a woman and veteran owned business.

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