Chicken Bone Broth

From chickens that happily roam on open land—we are proud to offer another community favorite and one of our original recipes. We believe customers coined this broth “Grandma’s chicken soup” as a result of our incredible ingredients and intentional cooking process. We simmer it for 20+ hours, adding in fresh herbs like sage, lemon, thyme, and marjoram to make our chicken bone broth delicious when sipped on its own or used in place of liquid in any recipe.

A comforting classic made with organic, pasture raised chicken that soothes with every serving. Easy to heat, easy to sip, easy to feel better fast.

        Pastured Chicken: Whole backs and necks

        Fruits & Veggies: Lemons, celery, and celery root

        Spices & Seaweed: Redmond Real Salt, whole bay leaves, kombu, turmeric root, peppercorns, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and sage

        Filtered Water

        Free from dairy, grain, soy & GMOs. Void of common allergens, including nightshades, garlic, & onions. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.

        Comes frozen in one-quart (32oz), resealable bags. Questions about our packaging? Check out our FAQs.

        We no longer offer delivery through our platform.

        Order pick up will be each Wednesday at Aspen Moon Farm in Hygine from 2-5pm. We will have a stand every other week where you can pick up. On the weeks we don't have a stand, there will be a Boulder Broth cooler with your order in a bag with your name on it.

        Or, you can always pick broth up from a store or farmers' market near you without ordering online.

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